Vagina, ovaries, uterus not developing

HanoiThe female patient has a vagina as small as a little finger, when the doctor discovered that the ovaries and uterus did not develop.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Minh, Head of the Department of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, E Hospital, said on June 14 that he had just received a special case. The female patient, admitted to the hospital in early June, confided that she could not have sex and had very few periods since puberty.

After examining, the doctor discovered that the female patient’s vagina was very small, just a little finger. The imaging results showed that the patient’s ovaries and uterus were also very small and undeveloped. The cause of the disease is not clear, but doctors focus more on impaired function in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain, leading to low female hormones, causing hypoplasia of reproductive organs.

The female patient will undergo two phases of treatment. First, the doctor will surgically enlarge the vagina so that the patient can have normal sex. Then, they will consult more deeply with the obstetric endocrinologist, looking for ways to develop the patient’s ovaries.

“This is an unfortunate case, if only the patient was detected early from puberty, it could be treated to allow the body to develop normally. Late patients should be more difficult to treat,” said Dr. Minh. speak.

According to Dr. Minh, the female patient’s case is very rare, first encountered. Therefore, doctors recommend that parents take their children for regular check-ups, especially when they reach puberty. This not only helps detect abnormalities in the reproductive organs, but also helps detect other abnormalities, diseases of the body if any.

Doctor Minh operated on a female patient. Image: provided by the doctor



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