Vaccine tester Covid-19 Vietnam is insured at risk

The risk insurance package is estimated at 20 billion VND, bought by Nanogen Company for the volunteers to test the clinical trial of Covid-19 Nanocovax vaccine.

Mr. Ho Nhan, General Director of Nanogen Company, said the information on the morning of December 10, during the announcement ceremony of the testing program on human vaccines Nanocovax, at the Military Medical Academy, Hanoi.

Accordingly, the volunteers participating in the vaccine trial will be bought health insurance to prevent risks. However, the level of insurance and compensation level when the incident occurs is not mentioned.

Mr. Do Minh Sy, Research and Development Director of Nanogen, on the morning of December 10, added: “We have carefully calculated the risks when designing the trial protocol. The company is also preparing to compensate for it. Volunteer testing if insurance doesn’t cover incidents.

Lt. Gen. Do Quyet, Director of the Military Medical Academy, said the first phase of clinical trials put vaccine safety first. Therefore, the academy is prepared to handle possible incidents, such as 24 beds for volunteers, adequate facilities, immunization staff, and emergency resuscitation monitoring. The volunteers after vaccination will stay at the academy to be monitored for 72 hours, then go home to continue monitoring.

Mr. Quyet pledged not to have complications or side effects during the test.

“I am committed, if it is not safe, we are willing to independently stop the testing process. We do not trade the safety of the community for anything else,” Lieutenant General Quyet said.

Nanocovax is the first Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam in a clinical trial in humans. Products developed by two joint research and development units are Nanogen and the Military Medical Academy. On December 10, the project began recruiting volunteers for phase one clinical trial. Volunteer eligibility should include: from 18 to 50 years old; healthy, hematological indicators, normal biochemistry; completely volunteering, participating according to personal aspirations; not under pressure from health, finance, and administration; understand and understand the information board, test principles.

There are two registration methods, including direct registration at the Center for Clinical Trial and Bioequivalence, Military Medical Academy in Hanoi; Registration by phone, by email or via the website of Nanogen.

Stage one requires 60 volunteers. Volunteers will inject 3 doses of 25, 50, and 75 mcg. 30 people signed up in the morning. According to the plan, after 50% of the results of the first stage trials were made, the second phase clinical trial would begin simultaneously with the third stage trial.

Experts advise subscribers to the Nanocovax clinical trial. Image: Van Phong.



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