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Vaccine given to 9 lakh 16 thousand soldiers in America so far, this week the number will cross 10 lakh

Washington: Pentagon officials, the headquarters of the US Ministry of Defense, have said that about a third of American soldiers are refusing to apply the Kovid-19 vaccine. Major General Jeff Tallefero has revealed this during a hearing in Congress. He said that the Federal Drug Administration has not yet received full approval for the introduction of the Kovid vaccine, in which case the US Department of Defense has been consistently saying that the Kovid vaccine is still optional. Citing preliminary data, Tarifero said that the acceptance rate of the vaccine is somewhere near two-thirds.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that there is no detailed data available about vaccination among soldiers, but more than 9 lakh 16 thousand 500 have been vaccinated. The level of refusal is comparable to the general population, where the vaccine has not been widely introduced. Kirby said that we soldiers basically show the acceptance rate of American society like a mirror. The government has exploited the military and the National Guard to help the general public vaccinate.

Vaccine dose to more than 1 million soldiers by the end of this week
Kirby said that by the end of this week, more than 1 million soldiers will be given a vaccine dose. The Pentagon makes standard vaccination mandatory for military personnel, but the Kovid vaccine is only approved in an emergency situation, so the general public cannot be pressured to administer it. We have a legal limit to make vaccination mandatory for military personnel and their families. He told that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has received the vaccine. The Defense Secretary wants that the best decision should be taken for the health of the men, women and their families of the department.

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