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Vaccination of Kovid-19 will not be mandatory in America – Joe Biden

In response to a question asked by the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, regarding the making of the Kovid-19 vaccine mandatory for all, the American people will not be forced to get the Corona virus vaccine. He said that people themselves are willing to get the vaccine in public so that it can be effective and the concerns related to it can be removed. “I believe vaccination should not be mandatory,” Biden said at a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware. I will not ask to make it mandatory, but I will do everything possible according to my power, just as I do not believe that masking should be mandatory across the country. ”

Commentary:Fee and will be provided for all

Biden said that he will ensure that the vaccine is free and available to all, and if there is any problem with this vaccine, then the treatment related to it is also free. He said that as President of America, he will do everything possible to encourage people to take steps in the right direction.

People commit to wearing masks for 100 days

Joe Biden further said that in his inaugural address he was going to tell people to commit themselves to wearing masks for 100 days. Biden said that if people do this for 100 days and the delivery of the vaccine starts, then they will see that the death rate has come down drastically. He said that it is hoped that people will say ‘yes’ and will consider it as their duty to the country and come forward and protect other people.

Let us know that 2,861 people died due to infection in America on Friday. At the same time, more than 1.4 crore people have been infected and more than 275,000 people have died.

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