Vaccination: “It’s still complicated to understand how we arrived at this fiasco”, estimates the CPME

“It’s still complicated to understand how we arrived at this fiasco”, declared Tuesday, January 5 on franceinfo François Asselin, president of the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME). The government seems to want to boost the vaccination campaign. Traval Minister Élisabeth Borne said on franceinfo on Tuesday that companies could play “a role”. François Asselin recommends that local health professionals intervene in companies to vaccinate employees. “I do not see how today we could be prevented from developing company vaccination”, he estimated.

franceinfo: The government seems to want to speed up vaccination. Is this good news?

François Asselin: Yes, this is good news. It’s never too late to do well, but it’s still complicated to understand how we arrived at this administrative fiasco and in terms of responsibility.

“We still had time to prepare and we knew the vaccine was coming. We had time to organize the entire supply chain.”

François Asselin, president of CPME

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We come to comparisons with our European neighbors. Frankly, this is really not flattering for our country. It’s never too late to do it right. Let’s bet that we quickly recover our delay.

Should companies participate in the vaccination?

Yes. I was at a conference last night with the social partners with the Minister of Labor and we made this proposal. We would like to offer our employees to be vaccinated either at occupational medicine or at their workplace. This can frankly very easily be organized. Here again, we should perhaps look at things in a slightly less administrative way, so that the principle of precaution does not turn into a principle of inaction. You have occupational health services in all departments. If ever that is not enough, you have pharmacies, pharmacies, practically in all the communes. You have health professionals, whether they are liberal doctors, nurses, or midwives. In short, you have local stations that could very well intervene in business.

Should bosses have the list of employees vaccinated against Covid-19?

Obviously not, that does not concern us. We are responsible for the health of our employees at the workplace in their professional activity, but we do not have to access the medical file and this is quite normal. I think we can completely preserve it. So, I don’t see how today we could be prevented from developing company vaccination if we obviously respect these prudential rules. It wouldn’t be a problem.

Employees who wish can come to the company once a week with the agreement of their employer. Is this a good thing for you?

Yes that is a good thing. We are still in this pandemic period where teleworking must be the rule for teleworking positions. It must be at the initiative of the employer. Obviously, in a close dialogue with its employees, this is quite normal. What we are seeing is more of a subject, we will say very urban, and rather in large companies, much less in SMEs where we have noticed than on telework, even if there may be here or there a few small squeaks, overall, it’s going pretty well. Rather, we have already been dealing with the opposite phenomenon for quite some time now, that is to say that many employees would like to return to work because, of course, the company is a place of sociability.

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