Vaccination in business, tax on large fortunes, May 1st demonstrations … The “8h30 franceinfo” by Laurent Berger

Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, on franceinfo on Saturday, May 1, 2021 (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Saturday May 1, 2021. Vaccination in business, tax on large fortunes, May 1 demonstrations … He answers questions from Jules de Kiss and Myriam Encaoua.

Vaccination: companies “have a role to play”

“Anything that can promote vaccination” in company, “It has to be done”, said Laurent Berger. “I believe that companies, like employee representatives in companies, have a role to play in encouraging employees to be vaccinated. So, we must encourage. This means that on working time, we are not not there to monitor how long the employee has been at the health center to get vaccinated. “

In the United States, to encourage vaccination, some companies offer their employees paid vacation, reimbursed trips or gift certificates. “I’m not into gift certificates. I think it’s a gimmick. But on working time, making it easier for professionals to come when there are a lot of employees on a site to vaccinate, all of that. must be done, obviously “, insists the secretary general of the CFDT.

Youth: a “large investment plan” financed by a contribution from the richest

While US President Joe Biden announced that he wanted to tax the richest 1% to boost the economy after the health crisis, in his interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron welcomed the recent tax cuts, and including the end of the wealth tax, and does not plan, for the moment, to tax the largest fortunes. “The president says no and the president is wrong”, launched Laurent Berger. “I am calling for a large investment plan with regard to young people, which has taken a heavy toll and is very dear in this crisis. It can be financed by an exceptional contribution from the richest for two years.”

“Young people have taken a very heavy toll on employment, on their income, on their social life and on their access to culture, Laurent Berger continued. And a year doesn’t have the same meaning for me as it does for my children, for example. We need a vast investment plan to revive, to make reparation with regard to young people. And that can be financed by a contribution from the highest fortunes. “

May 1 “is not the alpha and omega of union mobilization”

The May Day protests are back on Saturday, after being banned last year due to confinement. The CGT, FO, the FSU and Solidaires call for parades in the street, but not the CFDT, which has decided to organize a virtual demonstration.

“This international day of labor and workers, it is extremely important. It is an international day, Laurent Berger recalled. It is not simply the moment when we expose our demands, it is a moment when we expose our international solidarity. We don’t say it enough. May 1 is everywhere today in the world, but it is not the alpha and omega of union mobilization either. “

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