‘Using foreign digital maps, Vietnamese people’s data is not safe’

11/12/2021 14:58 GMT+7

Mr. Vu Minh Tri, Vice President of IOTLink company, said that using digital maps of foreign companies means that the data and behavior of Vietnamese users will be in the hands of foreign companies.

Digital maps help link multidisciplinary data layers, build synchronization strategies, thereby creating an overall picture of data running in many different application layers to solve social problems to ensure security. nation.

At the 3rd National Forum for Digital Enterprise Development on December 11th, there were many presentations from businesses building Make in Vietnam products and solutions. At the morning discussion session on December 11, Map4D products of IOTLink received a lot of attention from Vietnamese companies.

Sharing at this forum, Mr. Vu Minh Tri, Vice President of IOTLink company mentioned the role of digital maps for each country. For example, ride-hailing platforms, E-logistics field, Hong Kong’s digital transformation model with smart city, Singapore’s Covid-19 Tracing application Trace Together… have been successful in recent years. That’s thanks to the digital map. So digital maps are ‘the foundation of platforms when it comes to digital transformation.

Mr. Tri said that, at the national level, digital maps play a very important role. If using foreign map platforms, Vietnamese user behavior and data will be in the hands of transnational corporations.

Digital maps help link multidisciplinary data layers, build synchronization strategies, thereby creating an overall picture of data running in many different application layers, to solve social problems to ensure safety. national security. If we build using the Make in Vietnam digital version, the behavior and data of Vietnamese people will be guaranteed to be safe. In addition, Vietnamese digital maps are capable of integrating many other technologies such as big data analysis and virtual reality technology, helping businesses create and promote digital transformation.

IoT Link uses open data, meeting 60% of the data needed in the country map. The team constantly updates data with a large set of customers from the Government and businesses.

“If we use digital map services of foreign enterprises, it will be difficult to integrate and update data because we are dependent on partners and data security. Only if the original map and If the server is located in Vietnam, the security will be guaranteed, and if the server is located in a foreign country, the security will be low,” said Mr. Vu Minh Tri.

The IoT Link representative said that the Map4D digital map is capable of providing map layers by time layer serving the state, businesses and communities. Currently, the Map4D application has made digital maps for Vietnam’s Cultural Tourism Village, smart traffic management, real estate and smart cities.

Answering a question from a representative of the real estate company MayLand about its ability to serve applications such as real estate in the context that Vietnamese businesses are having to use Google services, Mr. Tri said, In the field of real estate, 4D digital maps will be strongly applied. Currently, IoT Link is cooperating with state agencies to update map data to IoT Link’s map application to get map data. Thus, people can access land data to get information.

“The Vietnamese market is still a market that Google has not focused on in terms of maps. In the US, Google updates weekly and Vietnam updates every 12 months. Therefore, in localities when there are roads in Xa Dan (Hanoi), or a big project built like a sea reclamation project in Da Nang, Google will update it after a long time, while Map4D does this very well. platform for Vietnamese partners to share about this application”, Mr. Tri said.

Also at this forum, Vo Quang Lam, Deputy General Director of EVN Group shared the pain of not being able to apply digital maps. “We really want to display EVN’s assets and services on the digital map, but using Google’s service is very slow. Therefore, using Map4D can solve this problem for EVN. There is a map. Digital can better manage services for the electricity industry,” said Mr. Vo Quang Lam.

Sharing at the National Digital Transformation Forum on the afternoon of December 11, Mr. Kurt Binh, CEO of Smartlog company, once again emphasized the role of digital maps. “Google doesn’t care about the needs of logistics businesses like us. Meanwhile, digital maps play a very important role for logistics businesses. Make in Vietnam digital maps will help Vietnamese businesses in this context. foreign digital maps do not meet the needs of the Vietnamese market,” said Mr. Kurt Binh.

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