Useful apps hidden on iPhone

iPhone has many outstanding and useful features. However, there is a feature that Apple has hidden on both the home screen and the gallery, which is the QR code scanning application.

Uses Iphone Not sure if you know all the cool tricks on your phone for a long time. If you do not pay attention, perhaps users do not know that the QR code scanning feature actually does not appear on the screen.

You’ve probably scanned a QR code with a shortcut in Control Center or in the Camera app. In fact, both of these work well. However, the dedicated scanning feature Code Scanner will make checking item codes faster and more convenient. In addition, it can present additional information about the scanned code.

How to find a QR code on your iPhone 1

Code Scanner is a hidden app on your phone. Photo: CNET.

So, the only way to find a hidden QR code scanner app on iPhone is through the phone’s search feature. Just switch to the home screen and swipe down the center of the screen with your finger. The search bar will appear at the top of the screen.

Then, just enter the keyword “Code” or “Scanner” and you will immediately see the icon of the Code Scanner application displayed under the suggestions. Just click on the icon and you can successfully scan the code.

In addition, the flashlight image at the bottom of the screen included in the application acts as a flash to illuminate if the code is difficult to read.

If you use this feature often, you can add it in the Control Center. To do that, go to Settings > Control Center and scroll down. Here you can add the Code Scanner app to the control center.

If you want to open it later, just drag up or down (depending on the iPhone model) to open the Control Center, you will see the application is there.

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