Use pornography to sentence views on YouTube

Some videos on YouTube use sex images to drive views, while the content in the video is irrelevant.

In the process of learning about revealing videos on YouTube, ICTnews accidentally discovered some videos using erotic images to illustrate, not related to the content inside.

At the time of writing, on the morning of February 8, while learning about age-inappropriate videos on YouTube, the platform suggests a few other videos for the writer. Among them, there are some videos that use erotic images to attract viewers to click.

A video uses pornography, with irrelevant content. Some other suggestions also use sensitive avatars. (Bright screenshot 8/2).

Specifically, the Tech account … uses an image of a clear sexual activity, apparently taken from an adult film, to illustrate the video tutorial on mobile phone stitching.

Another account with a similar name, Tech…, also uses this image for video instructions to change the background image for portrait photos.

Another account, Halkat …, using the image above, has received more than 700,000 views in less than a day.

Halkat account… also has a video posted 7 hours from the time of writing, using the same technique but with other pornography, received 728 thousand views.

The erotic images are clearly visible, however have been coated with some blurred layers that seem to bypass YouTube’s automatic scanning system.

There are a number of other accounts that use sex to illustrate, with sketchy content, not investing in images. The Indian language is used in most of these videos.

Notably, PV ICTnews who are not logged in can still watch videos, that is, videos with no age limit, at risk of reaching children.

YouTube restricts the age for some reflected videos

In the previous article, ICTnews mentioned that some videos of P … accounts in Vietnam with age-inappropriate content, if not logged in, can still be viewed.

In the videos, the girl clearly shows her round 1 while cooking. Some videos clearly see the sensitive body of the girl through the penetrating coat, not wearing a bra.

In the comments, a lot of people only pay attention to the girl’s body instead of the cooking content.

Last week, the videos were visible to all. As of the time of this writing, some of the account’s videos mentioned above have been required by YouTube to be viewed to limit age.

“YouTube’s community guidelines state that pornography is not allowed, we have deactivated some channels and removed many videos due to violation of our policies,” a Google representative told ICTnews. post reflects the previous period. The platform has made an age-limit move for the videos featured in the post, but deletion of the video or deactivation is not mentioned.

In YouTube’s nudity and pornography policy, it says: “A scene depicting the genitals, breasts or buttocks (with or without a cover) for sexual gratification.” This action may have channel terminated.

In fact, the aforementioned cooking videos do not “describe” her breasts, or have to be clear “for sexual gratification”, but clearly the camera angles are sometimes deliberately close-ups of her breasts girls. When filming the panorama, the image of the girl releasing her chest was clearly visible. But determining whether a video violates the policy or not is decided by YouTube.

In addition to the aforementioned cooking clip, many other accounts exploit the girls’ lives, including many angles to expose underwear, or eating with erotic movements, or playing in the children’s area with camera angles. sensitive. These videos are multiplying on YouTube, produced regularly for hours, with clips receiving hundreds of thousands of views. The cooking girl even has videos with over 1 million views.

Nguyen Binh, a YouTube user, said that the revealing image clearly attracts a certain group of viewers. However, at least such content should be age restricted to prevent access by children.

“The content is completely useless, only has the properties of showing off the skin. It should be age restricted. Or it is best to be on the adult website, not on YouTube ”, said Mr. Binh.

Videos of this type appear dense in recent times in Vietnam. However, some similar content is also produced by foreign YouTuber. Revealing videos, no investment in images, boring content appear in many Asian countries. There was a revealing video that appeared 3 years ago in a country in Southeast Asia.

YouTube is an open video platform available in every country. Each country has its own cultural and traditional values, so the boundary of whether the content is relevant to each country will be difficult to determine, while this platform applies a common policy framework for Global.

In addition, with about 720,000 hours of video uploaded per day, YouTube will have certain difficulties in moderating the content posted. However, as the largest video social networking platform in the world, YouTube has an important task in delivering clean, relevant content to the audience.


The revealing video continued to appear on YouTube

The revealing video continued to appear on YouTube

Videos revealing lingerie, showing off their breasts, continue to be produced steadily on YouTube without age restrictions.


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