Use a crane to rescue the man weighing 300 kg

FranceRescuers had to use a crane to take an obese man, weighing 300 kg, out of the house.

This person is Alain Panabière, 53 years old, living in the city of Perpignan, southern France. He was unable to move out after falling out of bed a year ago. Since then, he has been fed and bathed by his son, Jean-Claude. He sat on the floor for months with a broken leg.

On December 1, the rescuers had to dispatch about 50 personnel to remove him from home. They broke down the front of the apartment, using an inflatable mattress and a crane to help rescue the man. Measures were taken to keep Panabière safe and also the stability of the old home. Before conducting the rescue, the rescue team placed metal pillars in the building, evacuated the surrounding people and dismantled the external light poles.

Panabière will be hospitalized for several months because the doctor wants to help him lose weight.

Alain Panabière, 53 years old, weighing 300 kg, lives in the city of Perpignan, France. Image: Newsflash

Rescuers said they tried to get him out of the house for the first time last December, but failed because Panabière did not want to lose his apartment. Dr Mustapha Sebanne, head of the emergency department of Montpellier Hospital, said: “He is scared of this. We understand and try to coordinate his rescue in a relaxed, trusting spirit”.

France is the country with the least obesity among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, but the number is steadily increasing every year. One out of every 10 French people is obese, 40% of the population is overweight.

Earlier in October, Jason Holton, 30, the fattest person in England, was also taken out of the apartment by a similar method. The rescue campaign lasted up to 7 hours with the participation of 30 firefighters. After being removed from the home by a crane on a specialized stretcher, Holton went to the hospital in a special ambulance to treat lymphedema, a chronic condition that causes fluid retention and swelling in the groin and legs. .

Thuc Linh (According to the Reuters, Daily Mail)


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