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US vs China: Sino-US clash over President Biden’s ‘democracy summit’

US vs China: China and the US are at loggerheads over US President Joe Biden’s upcoming democracy summit, which China’s ruling Communist Party sees as a challenge to its authoritarian methods. China plans to release a report titled “China: Democracy that Works” on Saturday, five days before the start of Biden’s two-day digital meeting with some 110 other governments and the Communist Party says China It is a democracy of its own.

America is meeting absolutely against democracy – China

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said participants in the meeting would discuss how to work together to stand up for democracy around the world. “We will have no regrets for this,” she said, responding to remarks by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Yucheng. Without naming America, Lee said, “It claims that it is doing this for democracy, but in reality it is completely against democracy. This will not have a good impact on global solidarity, cooperation and development.

Russia and China not invited

It is noteworthy that Russia and China have not been invited for this summit. The Communist Party said that their system serves the people of the country and cited the rapid development in the middle-income country and the success it has achieved in reducing the number of deaths from Kovid-19. Officials exposed the failings of American democracy, from gun violence to an insurgency in the US capitol.

The US has angered China by including Taiwan in its summit. China claims this self-governing island as its part and objected to its contact with any foreign government.

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