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US Vice President put live corona vaccine vaccine live on TV, said – nothing felt

US Vice President Mike Pence on Friday took a dose of the Corona virus vaccine. Pence’s wife Keran and surgeon general Jeremy Adams also took vaccine supplements. The Trump administration had started ‘Operation Warp Speed’ for the rapid development and delivery of vaccines to prevent the corona virus.

The campaign was announced at the White House’s Rose Garden during the summer. However, despite the beginning of the biggest vaccination campaign in the nation’s history for five days, President Donald Trump himself did not comment on the vaccine intake. He only tweeted twice regarding vaccination.

However, Pence went to visit the vaccine manufacturing center this week and on Friday morning he took the vaccine dose. It was also broadcast live on television.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also said on Thursday that they would take a dose of the vaccine in the next few days.

Pence, along with his wife Karen and Surgeon General Jeremy Adams, took the vaccine dose on Friday morning. Three health workers from Walter Reed National Military Medical St. came to give him the vaccine.


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