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US tightens visa rules for Chinese leaders, China criticizes

Washington Stress has been going on in America and China for a long time. Now the Trump administration has imposed several waza bans on the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and their family members. This may increase tensions in both the countries which is already going on on issues like Corona, Hong Kong and South China Sea.

According to the new rules issued by the Trump administration on Wednesday, the validity period of visas issued for Chinese leaders and their family members will be just one month. These rules have been implemented with immediate effect. After these new rules, now the Chinese leaders in America will be able to stay for only one month.

China calls new rules cold war mentality
At the same time, China has criticized the US for new. Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said that China will file an objection to the US on this. Chunying said that this will tarnish America’s global image. He described it as an attempt to increase political pressure on behalf of the anti-Chinese forces in America and a cold war mentality.

Chinese leaders have been traveling to the US on visitor visas
Actually, the Chinese leaders could have got a visitor visa till now, whose validity is of ten years. Now with the new rules, they will be able to enter America only once on this visa. Earlier it was allowed to come many times. However, the new rules will not affect immigration and other employment-related visas.

Significantly, President Donald Trump has been blaming China for the Corona epidemic. At the same time, Trump has been targeting China on issues like Hong Kong policy, disputed South.

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