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US State Department spokesman said – Zawahiri’s death a message to those who harbor terrorism

America On Al-Zawahiri Killing: The US killed Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terrorists in a drone attack. US President Joe Biden confirmed this on Monday. The US has been patting its back since the death of the al-Qaeda chief.

At the same time, ABP News had a special conversation with US State Department conspirator Jade Tarar regarding the death of 9/11 Zawahiri. A Foreign Ministry spokesman told ABV News that the death of the al-Qaeda chief is a message to those who harbor terrorism. Apart from Zawahiri’s death, Jade Tarar also spoke about the ongoing conflict between the US and China over Taiwan.

America will find terrorists and eliminate them

US State Department spokesman Jade Tarar said on the question of the death of the al-Qaeda chief that, “You must have heard the US President, he has made it clear that America will continue to act against terrorists. Terrorists who take up arms against America should be punished.” The search will continue and will continue to take strict action.

He further said in his interview that at this time we cannot share too many operational details. So I won’t say anything more. But President Biden has made it clear that America has the capability to carry out such an operation.

Message to those who harbor terrorism

A US State Department spokesperson said that this is also a message for those who harbor terrorism. He said finding terrorists is a long process. It takes time. But it is also clear that no matter how much time it takes, we will not give up. It is probably difficult to eliminate terrorism, but it is our endeavor that we keep on trying to weaken the terrorist network, eliminate whatever is being led or is being formed by it.

There have been visits to Taiwan before

US State Department spokesman Jade Tarar said about the ongoing tension between China and the US regarding Taiwan, “I do not think that the visit to Taiwan and the action in Kabul should not be combined.” These two are separate incidents.

He said that we are continuously giving this message to China that do not give unnecessary importance to this tour. Because this is not the first time that an American official is visiting Taiwan, even more American officials have been visiting here.

China should avoid unnecessarily exaggerating the matter

We want to make it clear that America follows the one-China policy. It also considers Taiwan a part of China. But it also made it clear that America wants a free system in the Indo-Pacific region. That’s why we want China to respect it too. Do not give importance to the matter unnecessarily. The relationship between America and China is important and maintaining peace is not only in the hands of both the countries but is good for the whole world.

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