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US Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrives in Singapore, China-US tension escalates over possibility of Taiwan visit

Nancy Pelosi Indo Pacific Ocean Visit: America’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a high-level delegation led by her on a tour of the Indo-Pacific reached Singapore this morning. The team met Prime Minister Lee Sen Loong and President Hilmah Yacob and other leaders in Singapore. Meanwhile, China has issued a warning to stop movement in the South China Sea area between August 2-6.

However, the possibility of Pelosi going to Taiwan in this tour remains intact. It is believed that the head of the US House of Representatives and the third most important leader after the President can go to the neighboring country of Malaysia after Singapore. Which he had also mentioned in the media statement issued regarding this tour.

China issued navigation warning

Meanwhile, China has issued a navigation warning from August 2, 2022 to midnight of August 6, 2022, citing military exercises in the South China Sea. China’s Maritime Security Administration has issued this navigation warning. After Singapore and Malaysia, when Pelosi’s plane will approach South Korea and Japan and in normal condition its route will pass over the South China Sea and East China Sea. That is, this will be the time when the Boeing-C40C aircraft of the US Air Force carrying Nancy and other leaders will likely land in Taiwan. In terms of time, there is a possibility of Nancy landing in Taiwan only between August 2-6.

China challenges America

China’s warning means that Xi Jinping has drawn his Lakshman Rekha and at the same time has given a direct challenge to America. It is clear that this is a new front of confrontation because China has already made it clear that if America’s speaker goes to Taiwan, it will be like playing with fire. There is also resentment in America about this threat of China. Former US speaker Newt Gingrich has challenged his own government, saying that bowing to China’s threat would mean that America is showing its weakness. This will send a very wrong message.

7th Fleet activated in South China Sea

Meanwhile, the 7th Fleet of America’s Indo-Pacific Command has become active in the South China Sea. Ignoring China’s threats, American fighter planes are ready to escort in this visit to Pelosi. The US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its accompanying fleet have been deployed in the South China Sea from Singapore two days ago. According to the 7th Fleet of the US Navy, it is currently the only aircraft carrier and carrier strike group deployed on the front lines. Along with this, the US ship USS Frank Cable, which provides aid to American nuclear attack submarines, has also been delivered to the sea by making a port call at the port of Malaysia. The US Embassy in China has also suddenly posted emergency numbers on the Weibu social media account to help all its citizens.

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