US site offers $ 1,000 to watch the entire James Bond saga

To be patient, and to get a little publicity stunt, while waiting for the return of 007 on the big screen, a site specializing in the geek universe has posted an essential announcement for all fans of the secret agent.

In English, this is called a “dream job”. An American website offers the tidy sum of 1000 dollars (about 850 euros) to a fan who will watch the entire James Bond saga. The lucky winner will have 30 days to watch the 24 adventures of the most famous British civil servant. “That’s over 51 hours of movies, seven 007 different ones, and way too many martinis!“, precise Nerd bear in his ad.

To apply, candidates, who must have reached the age of majority, must still meet certain conditions. You must first have American nationality or hold a full-time position in Uncle Sam’s country. Then you must be a fan of the James Bond universe and have “good attention to detail“. The person hired will in fact have to take notes and return, at the end of the 30 days, a “worksheet“. Ned Bear’s expectations for its content, however, were not disclosed.

Finally, the “binge-watcher»Professional must be a minimum followed and very active on social networks to inform in real time of the progress of his viewing. And most certainly to advertise the site at the initiative of the project. In the general conditions, the latter also reserves the right to use the image of the selected for mercantile purposes.

People who meet all of these conditions are invited to fill out a form, which includes selecting their favorite James Bond film and explaining why they are “super-fans” of the saga. What to wait serenely in order to finally be able to discover, in September, the many times postponed To die can wait At the movie theater.


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