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US shooting: 2-year-old innocent kept searching for the parents who died alone on the road, know how the life was saved

Chicago Shooting: There is an atmosphere of tension in America after the incident of shooting during the Freedom Day Parade. A very heart-wrenching picture related to this horrifying incident has come to the fore. Officials said that on July 4, two-year-old Aidan’s parents were also killed in a mass shooting during the Freedom Day Parade in Chicago.

After this incident, the Aden police was found roaming alone on the road. Police said Aidan’s parents Irina McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy were also among those who were shot dead by assailants during the parade.

Innocent backward from such parents

Officials said Aidan was separated from his parents in a stampede that followed the shooting. Which was taken to a safe place by some people who came to participate in the parade. After the incident, the police handed over Aidan to his elderly grandparents. Before Aidan met his family members, a picture of him in which he was seen walking alone on the road at the scene went viral on social media.

The death toll in the incident has now reached seven after a patient injured in the Chicago Parade mass shooting died in hospital, police said. Please tell that 56 people were injured in this firing. At the same time, a few hours after the mass shooting, the police arrested 21-year-old Robert Cremo, an accused involved in this incident. According to police officials, seven charges of first-degree murder have been leveled against the arrested Robert.

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