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US Secretary of State justifies Trump’s attitude towards China, says – Biden administration will also adopt the same strictness

After the formation of a new government in the US, there was speculation among China about the fact that the Biden administration might have some leniency towards Beijing, unlike the previous Trump government. However, after the indications made by the Biden administration so far, it clearly shows that the Biden administration will continue its dealings with China on the path of the previous Trump government.

The newly appointed US Secretary of State Tony Blinken has justified former President Donald Trump’s harsh stance towards China, saying that the Biden administration will also talk strongly with Beijing.

In an interview with CNN, Blinken commented on Trump’s harsh attitude towards China, saying that the way Donald Trump handled the case was wrong, but his original theory was correct.

He said, “I think the former President Trump was right in the matter of taking a hard stand towards China.” This was the right step.

He said, “But what do we have to do now?” We have to talk to China by staying in a strong position. Then no matter what aspect of the relationship. Even if it is the collaborative aspect that is in our mutual interest, we have to move forward while remaining strong. ”

Blinken said that this means creating strong allies. He said, “If we don’t do this then we will be left behind and China will fill that vacancy.”


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