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US Presidential Elections 2020: America will elect the oldest President in history, the role of Vice-President will also be very important

For the first time in the history of more than 225 years of the US presidential election, the contest is between the two oldest candidates. Donald Trump is 74 years old trying to get a second innings for the White House. Biden, who stood in front of him in the presidential race, is 77 years old. That is, the winner of the 2020 election race in the line of Presidents from Jorge Washington to date will be America’s oldest Supreme Commander.

When Trump reached the White House after winning the election in 2016, he had achieved the position of the oldest American President. In such a situation, if he gets a second term, by the time he completes his age will be more than 78 years. On the other hand, if Biden takes charge of the White House, by the time he completes his first term, he would have seen 81 spring. This is higher than the average life of 78.54 years in the US.

Theodar Roosevelt became the lowest President

Before Donald Trump in the US, the oldest living President of the White House was Ronald Reagan. By the time he finished his second term, he was 77 years old. Theodor Roosevelt, who was the youngest among the list of American presidents, was given the responsibility after the assassination of the 25th President William McKinley. John F. Kennedy, who reached the White House after contesting the presidential election, became the Supreme Commander of America at the age of 43.

The role of the Vice President will be important

The role of the Vice-President becomes very important during the tenure of the age-old President. Because according to the US Constitution, if the President dies or he is unable to do his job due to some illness or leaves office, then the Vice-President has to take command in his place. This has happened many times before. Most of the presidents of America have been elected for a second term. The previous leader who lost in the second term election race was George HW Bush, defeated by Bill Clinton.

Kamala Harris’s luck may shine

If Biden, the Democratic Party candidate who wins the presidential election, his victory could open up huge potential for Kamala Harris, the child of Indian mother. Biden has made Kamla the vice-presidential candidate with him. In such a situation, the path for Kamala to become president will be strong. On the other hand, if Biden does not complete his tenure for some reason, then he may also have a chance to take over as President.

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