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US President Joe Biden said – we are withdrawing our army

Afghanistan News: US President Joe Biden addressed the nation with White on America’s exit from Afghanistan. Biden said that, I stand by the decision to withdraw the troops, our soldiers have sacrificed a lot. Now we cannot put the lives of our soldiers at risk. We are calling our soldiers back.

Joe Biden also accused Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, saying that he fled the country without fighting. Questions should be asked to Ghani regarding this situation created in the country. He also said that how Ghani can run away leaving the people of his country in this situation.

We want to get our people back safely – Joe Biden

Apart from this, Joe Biden said that, the national security team and I are closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. We want to bring back our people safely, for which work is being done continuously. He also said that we will not take any kind of risk regarding our soldiers. Soldiers will be called back.

Wishing Afghanistan a better position soon – Joe Biden

Apart from this, Biden also expressed confidence that, we wish Afghanistan to be in a better position soon. Let us tell you, the current situation in Afghanistan is very bad. The Taliban have captured almost all the major states of the country including Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Seven killed at Kabul airport

Senior US military officials said that seven people were killed in the chaos at Kabul airport on Monday morning. Some of these people fell from a US military transport plane taking off from there.


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