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US President Joe Biden said – Airstrike in Syria warning for Iran

Houston: US President Joe Biden has said that the US Airstrike is a warning to Iran against the Iran-backed militia group in eastern Syria. He said that it should see Iran as a warning. He said this in Houston on Friday.

Earlier, Biden’s press secretary, Jane Saki, called the strike a message and said that Biden has taken this step to protect Americans. He said that America has the right to take action and choose its method to deal with the danger. Saki said Biden’s purpose behind the strike was to reduce anti-American activities in Syria and Iraq.

Strike in response to attacks in Iraq
The Pentagon said that 22 militia members were killed in Thursday’s strike, in response to frequent rocket attacks targeting US troops in Iraq. One of these attacks was carried out on 15 February at a military complex in the Kurdish regional capital Arbil. It killed a civilian and a foreign contractor working with coalition forces and injured a soldier including several American contractors.

These locations were used for recent attacks
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said two F-15E “strike eagles” toppled seven precision guided munitions completely destroyed nine facilities and partially destroyed two facilities.

Kirby said that the targeted location near the Syria-Iraq border was known as a convenient location for the activities of the Iran-backed militia group. He said that preliminary details have been received about the casualties. He said that these locations were used for the recent attacks against America.

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