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US Predatory Debate: Biden said in an argument with Trump – no person responsible for such a death has the right to remain President

Washington: The last presidential debate has started between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election. Trump claimed that the corona vaccine would be ready by the end of this year, so in response, Biden said that the person responsible for the deaths of so many people did not have the right to continue in the presidency. Trump should be disqualified for election after 2.20 lakh deaths from Corona in the US.

Joe Biden took aim at Trump, saying that “a large journal has described the behavior of the US President as absolutely horrific”. Reversing this, Trump said that “the heads of many countries have thanked us for what we have done so far”.

Let me tell you, before the final debate between the presidential candidates in the US, the Commission which conducts the debate (CPD) has set new rules. Under these, the microphones of rival speakers will be switched off for two minutes so that the candidate going to present his side can start his talk in a smooth manner. The third and final debate is being conducted by ‘NBC News’ correspondent Kristen Velkar.

Trump’s 2016 words he repeated
US President Donald Trump is using the word from his 2016 hit playlist again and again this time in election campaigning. Just like Trump called ‘Lock Him Up’ for Biden, just as Hillary Clinton had said ‘Lock Her Up’ in the last election. Recently Trump told his campaign colleagues on a conference call, “People are tired of hearing Fauchy and all these idiots. Every time he goes on television, he always has a bomb. But if you give him If you remove it, there will be a bigger explosion than that. Fauchi is like a disaster. “

With slight changes, Trump is saying the same things in 2016 as in 2016. For Scott Adams, who predicted Trump’s loss in 2016, he said on NBC, “Nobody takes them seriously. They just have laughable stuff that doesn’t matter.”

After calling Dr. Anthony Fauchi a ‘disaster’ and scientists as a ‘group of idiots’, Trump also wrote about his complaints on social media. Even Trump’s emails look amazingly 2016.

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