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US praises Indo-Pak ceasefire agreement, calls it a step towards peace

India and Pakistan have reached a ceasefire on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. The US has praised this agreement of ceasefire between the two countries. A White House spokesman described it as a move worthy of praise. At the same time, UN Secretary-General spokesman Stephen Dujarik has said that this positive step will provide an opportunity for further dialogue between the two countries.

White House spokesman Jane Saki said, “India and Pakistan have agreed to abide by stringent ceasefire regulations on the LoC.” This is a positive step towards peace and stability in South Asia, which is in our common interest. We encourage both countries to move forward.

There will be no reduction in deployment of troops on LoC
There is no proposal to reduce the deployment of troops on the LoC, because Pakistan has not stopped terrorism. The Indian Army has expressed hope that Pakistan will stop supporting terrorism across the border. The Indian Army said, “Our effort is to achieve peace and stability, which is beneficial for the region and especially for the population living on the banks of the LoC, it is an attempt to bring down the level of violence.”

The army said, “We have a history of bitter experiences with Pakistan. In the past, the peace process has been wiped out either by terrorism or by acts of the Pakistan Army. However we remain completely optimistic. Peace on the LoC of both countries Is mutually beneficial. “

How many time ceasefire violations happened

  • Pakistan breaks ceasefire 2140 times in 2018
  • Violated ceasefire 3479 times in 2019
  • Ceasefire violations 5133 times in 2020
  • There were 591 violations in 2021 as of 25 February

In the year 2003, there was an agreement between India and Pakistan on the ceasefire on the LoC. But it was not being implemented for the last several years. Now both countries have agreed to execute it.

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