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US officials told 6 officials for the National Security Act implemented in Hong Kong, know the whole matter

In Hong Kong, more than 50 people were arrested by implementing the National Security Act. In which American attorney for human rights John Clancy was later granted bail by the court. At the same time, the United States has nominated six Chinese and Hong Kong officials for their role in implementing the National Security Act imposed in Hong Kong.

According to an official statement issued by the State Department, “On January 6, Hong Kong authorities arrested more than 50 people, taking horrific action against pro-democracy politicians and activists.” Who were trying to open a fair and primary election for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

More than 50 opposition MPs were arrested

It has been clarified by the US State Department that these included thirteen former Legislative Council members, a US lawyer, and a former law professor who were allegedly detained before going to jail. Let us tell you that on January 6, more than 50 opposition MPs and activists were arrested for breaking the Chinese National Security Act in Hong Kong.

Stringent punishment provision

The National Security Act was enacted in Hong Kong in June last year. According to the National Security Act, a major criminal can be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty of sabotage. At the same time, an “active participant” can be imprisoned for three to 10 years, while a minor cannot be sentenced to more than a fixed term.

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