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US media claims – China refuses to give initial raw data of corona to WHO

China has refused to give raw data to the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the initial corona case. The American newspaper Wall Street Journal said this on Friday. Quoting WHO investigators, the Journal said that there was a lot of debate between investigators and Chinese officials about this data.

According to the Wall Street Journal, WHO officials said that raw and personalized data could help determine how and when the corona virus first spread in China.

Let me tell you that a team of WHO went to find out the origin of corona virus in China. On 10 February, this team returned from there. In its report, this team said that for the first time this virus may have entered the human body from an animal. He said this while rejecting the theory that it is likely to spread from a lab in China.

WHO’s food safety and zoologist Peter Ben Ambarek was leading the team. The team’s visit was politically sensitive for China, which has been blamed for its alleged wrong actions taken against the epidemic in the beginning.

Significantly, the first case of corona virus infection was encountered in the world in Wuhan in December 2019. Dutch virologist Mari Köppmann, who was in the team, said some animals in the market are suspected to be carriers, including rabbits and rats. Therefore, it is possible that the virus may have originated elsewhere.

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