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US intelligence chief claims – Putin can use nuclear weapons if …

Russia Ukraine War: US intelligence chief has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons only when Russia is facing an “existence threat”. He also said that Putin was determined to take the war beyond the Donbass to Transnistria, and that he was planning a longer war, AFP news agency AFP reported. According to the US intelligence chief, Putin may introduce martial law in Russia to support the war effort.

Meanwhile, Russian forces stormed the important coast of Odessa in an attempt to disrupt supply routes and ordnance transport in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military said on Tuesday that Russian forces had fired seven air missiles a day earlier at the Black Sea port in Odessa, targeting a shopping center and a warehouse there. According to the army, one person was killed and five were injured in this attack.

Ukraine claims – Moscow used these weapons
Ukraine claims that some Soviet-era weapons were used and that their targets were not authentic. But the Ukrainian Institute for Defense Strategies said Moscow also used some precision-guided weapons against Odessa. Officials in Ukraine, Britain and the US have warned that Russia is increasing its stockpile of precision weapons.

Days after rescuing the last batch of civilians trapped at a steel plant in Mariupol, officials said around 100 people could still be trapped in underground tunnels.

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