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US government filed a case against Google, know what the whole case is

Washington: The US government has filed a lawsuit against Google. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the Department of Justice alleged that the legendary IT company was misusing its dominance to harm online competition and consumer interests.

The latest case is the most important step taken by the government to protect competition since a lawsuit against Microsoft nearly 20 years ago. The trial could prove to be conclusive given the ongoing investigations against major tech companies including Apple, Amazon and Facebook in the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.

US Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen said that Google is the gateway to the Internet and its giant in the search-advertising market. He said, “He (Google) has retained his monopolistic powers through special behavior, which is harmful for competition.”

MPs and consumer affairs lawyers have been accusing Google for a long time that the company is misusing its dominance in the online search business to increase profits. Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc. and has a market value of over $ 1,000 billion.


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