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US Flights: America suspends 44 passenger flights to China, China expresses anger

US Suspends Flights: The US government has decided to cancel several flights to China. This decision will come into effect from January 30. A few days ago, China canceled several US flights citing the Corona pandemic, after which the US has also decided to suspend flights to China. It is being said that America has responded to China by adopting a tit-for-tat policy. This decision of the US administration will have a significant impact on many airlines including Xiamen Airlines, Air China.

US cancels 44 flights to China

China canceled 20 United Airlines flights late last year on December 31 after some passengers tested positive for COVID-19. Apart from this, 14 flights of Delta Airlines and 10 flights of American Airlines were suspended. Liu Pengyu, the spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Washington, has condemned this move of America. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy has urged the US not to cancel the passenger flights of Chinese airlines, urging the decision to be unfair.

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China angry over cancellation of flights ahead of Beijing Olympics

The China Aviation Authority used the circuit breaker policy to cancel American, Delta and United Airlines flights. The 44 canceled US flights are operated by Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines and are scheduled to depart between January 30 and March 29. The move comes less than three weeks before Beijing is set to host the Winter Olympics.

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