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US Elections: Trump’s last hope from Nevada-Arizona State, impossible to reach magic figure without Pennsylvania

Washington: Donald Trump is trailing his opponent Biden in the US presidential election race. Despite this, the Trump camp has not given up. Donald Trump has received 214 votes from Electoral College, while Joe Biden has received 264 votes. Biden is now only six steps away from the 270 majority figure, but Trump needs 56 votes for a majority.

Nevada-Arizona State’s Last Expectation
Counting of electoral votes is still pending in many states. It includes the electoral votes of Arizona (11), Nevada (6), Georgia (16), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15). Out of this, Trump has held the lead in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia and there seems to be a possibility of him winning here.

But Democratic candidates Biden continue to lead in the states of Arizona and Nevada. Although Arizona and Nevada have 14 percent and 11 percent of the votes remaining, respectively. Biden was leading by 68,000 votes in Arizona and 12,000 in Nevada. If Trump makes an edge here, then the path to reach magical figures will be easy.

Arizona has 4.50 million votes remaining
Arizona state officials said about 4.50 million votes remain to be counted. In Arizona, Biden is being told ahead of the presidential race. Biden currently has a lead of about 69,000 votes. In this sense, Trump now needs to win about 60 percent of the remaining votes. Till now, the votes of the Maricopa County have not been counted, which is counted in the most populous area of ​​the state. More than 60 percent of Arizona’s population lives here.

However, to reach the magic figure, it is mandatory to win the trump in all these five states. If the command of a single state is out of hand, the Democratic candidates will reach magical figures very easily.

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