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US Elections: Trump-Biden’s last claim before voting, still can’t make up his appeal to American voters

new Delhi: Common citizens of America are voting today for who will be the next president in America. Voting has started at 4:30 pm according to Indian time. According to American time, voting started at 6 am, which will run till 9 pm. But hours before voting began, outgoing president and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden made a last-ditch attempt to woo voters. Both tweeted and appealed to vote for their party. It is believed that this appeal has been made especially for those American voters, who still have not made up their mind about who to vote.

Trump tweeted after midnight, “Thank you to all my supporters from the bottom of my heart.” You have been involved from the beginning and I will not disappoint you. Your hopes, my hopes, your dreams are my dreams and I am battling daily for your future. “

Attacking Biden, the president said in another tweet, “Joe Biden’s vote will give the government control over supporters of globalism, communists, socialists and wealthy liberal hypocrites who will silence, control, prevent and punish you.” Want to Go and vote to make America great again tomorrow. “

The Republican Party said in a tweet, “Let’s make America great again and elect our illustrious president again.” The ruling party said, “Four years ago, we made history together and now we are going to make history once again.”

Former US Vice President Biden said he is contesting as a proud Democrat and will run the government as the US President. He said, “I will work with Democrats and Republicans and I will work equally hard for those who support me and those who do not.” He wrote, “Because it is the work of the President.”

He said, “During President Trump’s rule, more than 2,30,000 Americans died of Kovid-19, reduced work hours by thirty million people, lost jobs or lost salaries, and one in every five shortened Business Closed. ” Biden asked voters, “Are you in a better position than you were four years ago?”

The elections held on November 3 are considered to be the most divided in the recent history of America. The record is already being made in terms of voting and perhaps never before has there been such a contradiction between the two rivals about the future of the country and in which direction they want to take it.

The 74-year-old Donalt Trump campaigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania on Monday, while his 77-year-old rival Joe Biden campaigned in Pennsylvania and Ohio, urging voters to support him in the White House race.

24 crore people will vote
On the eve of Election Day, at least 9.2 crore people have already cast their votes. According to the American media report, more than 257 million people in the total population of the place are 18 years or older. However, this time around 24 crore people are eligible to vote, who will use their franchise.

When will the results come?
It cannot be said exactly that this time, the results of the election will be announced on the night of voting i.e. November 3. However, the results will be estimated as soon as the voting is over. This time the number of mail in ballot and postal ballot has increased. Pennsylvania and Michigan officials have said that they may take three days to count.

However, if there are clear results from 48 states, then the calculation of these ballots of Pennsylvania and North Carolina will not matter much. If the match is close, you may have to wait for three days for the results.

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