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US Elections Result: Trump said – Presidential election losses, should be discussed

The presidential election in America seems to be reaching the Supreme Court, as the campaign team of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are preparing for a legal battle. Counting is still going on in some important states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Now everyone’s eyes are on the results of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia.

This time, voters voted through a record number of postal ballots, due to which the counting of votes may take longer. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has expressed his displeasure many times over the number of postal papers. Trump said in a tweet, ‘Our lawyers have asked for’ meaningful access’, but will it be right? The damage has already been done to our system and presidential elections. This should be discussed.

Trump’s campaign manager says Trump is seeking recounting in Wisconsin. The campaign manager said that Trump had asked the court to postpone the counting of votes in Michigan. In addition, the campaign manager also said that Pennsylvania will go to court to stop the counting of votes.

President Trump had already said that he would approach the court if there was any kind of apprehension in the counting of votes. At the same time, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has also said that if Trump goes to court to try to stop the counting of votes, then we have legal teams who are ready to protest.

Earlier, Donald Trump has targeted the postal ballots by tweeting. He wrote that till last night I was ahead in almost all the states controlled by Democrats, then magically they started disappearing one by one because the shocking votes were counted. Surprisingly, election analysts are misunderstanding it completely and historically. Twitter has also labeled his tweet as deceptive.

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