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US Elections Result: Junk wife Melania, in support of Trump adamant on stubbornness even after defeat, said – only legal votes should be counted

American First Lady Melania Trump has broken her silence on the US presidential election results. Melania has backed her husband Donald Trump’s claims over Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory. He wrote by tweeting that only legal votes should be counted. Let me tell you that Trump has challenged the authenticity of elections and has accused the people of fake voting and electoral malpractices on a large scale.

Melania tweeted, ‘American people deserve a fair election. Every legal (not invalid vote) vote should be counted. We should protect our democracy with full transparency. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s team is going to start a legal battle from today.

Speculation about divorcing Trump

Earlier yesterday, there were reports that Melania Trump could divorce her very soon. According to the Daily Mail, Melania may leave Trump after the election. Melania is Trump’s third wife.

According to the news, Melania is counting the minutes to divorce. As soon as Trump leaves the White House, Melania will end her marriage of fifteen years. Both were married in the year 2005. These shocking claims are made by none other than Melania’s former colleague Stephanie Volkoff.

Trump has lost the US election but is not accepting it in a fit of rage. Trump’s former political aide Omarosa Newman claimed that Trump and Melania’s fifteen-year-old marriage is now over. Melania will divorce Trump when he comes out of Trump’s White House.

Donald Trump is not ready to give up

His rival Donald Trump on Saturday declared himself victorious after major media institutions in the US called the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden as the winner. Trump tweeted, “I won this election, that too with a big margin.”

America: Trump declared himself the winner, said- ‘I won the election with a big margin’

Melania may divorce Trump as soon as she leaves White House, US media claims


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