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US Elections: Republicans and Democrats dominate in these areas, no president reached White House without winning Florida in 100 years

Washington: The leader is being elected in the world’s oldest democracy. The whole world is eyeing on who will win between Trump and Biden in the presidential election race in America. According to Indian time, voting will be done till 11:30 am, counting will also start as soon as the voting is over. The states where voting has been completed are Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia.

The fight over 270 electoral votes is going on in the world’s largest election. Tell us a very interesting information between this biggest election. Like in the election of India, in the American elections also both parties dominate the particular areas. The thinking of both parties is that some big states and some small states should control themselves.

US Elections: Trump said between voting- easy for me to win, hard to digest

Trump’s party in the Texas State is a heavy coin for the Republican Party, where the Republican Party does not need much publicity. Trump’s party does not work too hard in this state. Texas voters already vote in favor of Trump’s party. Speaking of Biden’s Democrats, they are considered to be dominant in California.

The role of swing state is considered to be very important in the US elections. One of these is Swing State Florida. There are 29 electoral votes in Florida and it is being described as the toughest for Trump. If Trump loses here then it will not be possible to become President again. In the history of the last 100 years, there has never been any American President who reached the White House without winning Florida.

US Elections: Biden is ahead of trumps in most polls at national and state level

On the other hand, in case of taxis, Trump’s party dominates here, but here Widen is seen ahead. Biden’s rise in Texas is considered a big upsurge. So far, there has been a trend of 57% votes. Biden looks ahead in popular vote



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