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US Elections: Good news from Biden for Biden, ahead of Trump in counting of votes

Washington: Counting of votes for the US presidency continues. Georgia is relieved of Democratic candidate Joe Biden heading towards victory. Biden is leading in Georgia with 16 electoral votes. If he wins Georgia, he will come very close to the magic figure. To reach the White House, one must obtain 270 votes out of 538 ‘electoral college votes’.

If Biden wins Georgia and then Nevada or Arizona (in both states he is leading) or Pennsylvania (where ballot counting is slowly slowing Trump’s hopes of victory), Biden will become America’s next president .

Earlier, Biden told reporters in Delaware, “We are feeling very good with the way things are.” We have no doubt that Senator Kamala Harris (Democratic Party candidate for Vice President) and I will win when the count is completed. Kamala Harris was also present with Biden during this period.

Former Vice President Biden also appealed to the people to be patient till the counting of votes is completed. He said, “I appeal to people to be patient. The process is in progress. The counting of votes is being done.

At the same time, Trump said in a press conference at the White House that he would go to court against electoral misconduct. Trump’s campaign team has already filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Nawada. He has also demanded re-counting of votes in Wisconsin.

After Trump’s press conference, Biden tweeted, “Donald Trump is going to court to stop counting votes.” We have made the biggest effort so far to save and fight elections and we want your help in this. ”

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