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US Elections 2020: Trips of fraud charges in the Trump election are falling in the courts

Washington: On the one hand, US President Donald Trump is pledging to intensify his efforts to reverse the election results. On the other hand, the legal challenges presented by them are continuously rejected by judges across the country. Trump’s campaign has not been able to present any evidence in support of his allegations of fraud on a large scale in elections, in which these cases are not able to stay in the courts.

Experts believe that nothing like fraud has happened in the election and Trump will not be able to prevent newly elected President Joe Biden from taking office in January. Within a day this week, Trump and his Republicans either lost or were dismissed in lawsuits filed in three states for blocking election results certificates.

In Arizona, the judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit by Republican members seeking to suspend the election results certificate. On the same day, a judge of Georgia also rejected the request filed for a similar demand. At the same time, Trump’s campaign in Michigan withdrew his case on Thursday.

Officially told Biden winner in Georgia
Georgia has officially confirmed the victory of Joe Biden after the results of the US presidential election in 2020. Biden has won 16 electoral votes in this state. The former Vice President received 12,284 more votes than President Donald Trump in this traditional Republican stronghold. In most counties, both saw slight changes in the vote received.

However, Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said late Thursday that the campaign would “continue to demand that Georgia be counted in earnest again, including matching signatures.”
Let me tell you that Biden had announced to win the US presidential election on November 7, but Trump has not yet accepted defeat. They have filed cases in court alleging fraud.

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