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US Elections 2020: Breaking 2016 record in pre poll voting, Donald Trump claimed this

Washington: The Corona epidemic is also having an impact on the US presidential election. The trend of voting due to Corona has changed. In the Corona era, voters want to use their vote while avoiding the crowd. This is the reason that pre poll voting has made a new record this time. Voting is scheduled in the US on November 3. According to an independent vote monitor, the number of pre-election ballots in 2020 has surpassed such votes in the elections held 4 years ago. This is a figure of 9 days before the final voting to be held on November 3.

Increased figure
An independent US election project run by the University of Florida claimed that by Sunday more than 59 million people had voted. According to the US Election Assistance Commission website, last time a total of 5.7 crore people voted via mail or before polling.

Voting figures are breaking records
An election project has estimated that this time more than 15 crore people can cast their votes. In the 2016 elections, this figure was 13.7 crores. Some of these states can prove to be very important. Here the voting figure is breaking records. These include Texas. Till Sunday, 80% of the votes have been cast here as compared to 2016.

What is Donald Trump’s claim
The Democratic Party has been promoting pre poll voting since the beginning. It seems that they can get an edge in this. In contrast, Donald Trump has been claiming for months that there is no evidence that mail-in votes (mail-in ballots) are fraudulent, leading Republican supporters to be expected to vote on election day. . Regarding this, Michael McDonald, Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida, said that the way the corona is spreading in the country, this strategy is more risky. Michael is also managing an election project. He tweeted that what if some of his voters decide not to vote or the polling booth is closed.

Texas is the stronghold of the Republic Party
Professor Michael McDonald said in his tweet that pre-poll voting continues in Texas until Friday. There is no doubt that by the time of final voting, more than 2016 voting will have taken place in Texas. The question is how much will it be. Texas has traditionally been a stronghold of the Republican Party. Republican candidates have been supported here since the 1980s. However, in a recent survey, Biden has been shown to be overshadowing the trump.

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