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US Elections 2020: 24 million American voters will choose America’s new president today, the war of power in Trump-Biden

The general public will vote for the presidency in America today. This time there is a tough fight between Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and Republican Party candidate and President Donald Trump. At the same time, there is a contest between Kamala Harris, the Democratic candidate for Vice-President and Mike Pence, the Vice President. According to Indian time, voting will start in the US from 4.30 pm today. This time in America, voting will be from 6 am to 9 pm. All 50 states of America will vote together.

24 crore people will vote

At least 9.2 crore people have already voted on the eve of Election Day. According to the American media report, more than 257 million people in the total population of the place are 18 years or older. This time around 24 crore people are eligible for voting.

When will the results come?

It cannot be said exactly that this time, the results of the election will be announced on the day of voting i.e. November 3. However, the results will be estimated as soon as the voting is over. This time the number of mail in ballot and postal ballot has increased. Pennsylvania and Michigan officials have said that they may take three days to count.

However, if there are clear results from 48 states, then the calculation of these ballots of Pennsylvania and North Carolina will not matter much. If the match is close, you may have to wait for three days for the results.

America will elect the oldest president in history

For the first time in the history of more than 225 years of the US presidential election, the contest is between the two oldest candidates. Donald Trump is 74 years old trying to get a second innings for the White House. Biden, who stood in front of him in the presidential race, is 77 years old. That is, the winner of the 2020 election race in the line of Presidents from Jorge Washington to date will be America’s oldest Supreme Commander.

The role of Indian-American voters is very important

In the US presidential election 2020, the role of Indian-Americans is very important. The importance of Indian-origin voters can be gauged from the fact that President Donald Trump is trying to identify himself as a true friend of India. At the same time, the Democratic Party, which traditionally has a presence in the Indian American community, is trying its best to save this vote bank. Even the Democrat camp has made Kamla Harris the vice-presidential candidate who is of Indian origin.

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