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US Election: Where did Donald Trump miss, how did Biden win

The result of the US presidential election has arrived. Joe Biden will be America’s 46th President. It was becoming clear from the day of election that Democratic Joe Biden would force President Donald Trump to leave the White House. When Biden took the lead in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia in the last round of counting, the few doubts that were being raised about his victory were also overcome. After moving forward in these states, the only question left was where will Biden win, when will he win and with how many votes.

As soon as the news agency reported his victory in Pennsylvania on Saturday, the contest also came to an end. A win in Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes meant that Biden surpassed the magic figure of 270. Pennsylvania was, in a way, the last major front for Biden, especially when he again won the ‘Blue Wall’ for the Democrats. These states have been a major obstacle for the Republican nominee, but the Great Lakes trio – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan – gave Trump a breakthrough in 2016.

Biden has also achieved historic success in the Sun Belt. He became the first Democrat to win in Arizona since 1996. He also gained a major edge in Georgia where no Democrat has won since 1992. Democrats had hoped for a landslide victory on Election Day, but their hopes soon faded as President’s adopted state of Florida went into Trump’s account on Tuesday.

On the election night, both candidates won their traditional states. Biden’s account went to Democratic states in the West Coast, New England and the Mid Atlantic. At the same time, Trump won most of South, Texas and Rural, Mountain West and Midwest.

Where did donald trump miss

The election was in many ways a referendum on Trump’s mismanagement of the Corona virus. In this election, due to corona virus, there was a large number of postal voting. The process of counting and verifying mail ballots was also long and complicated. However, elections were held in only five states by post. There was a fear that the corona could spread more due to long lines and crowded polling stations for voting.

As the number of postal ballots progressed, it became clear that he had chosen Biden. It was because of postal ballots that Biden’s lead began to grow. Is this a big reason for Trump’s defeat because Trump kept telling his supporters for several months that voting by post could be the cause of a big scandal. He continued to discourage his supporters for postal voting.

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