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US Election Results: Trump’s address to country at midnight, said- Supreme Court will take rigging in counting of votes

new Delhi: Even before the presidential election results in the US, the current President Donald Trump has started preparing for the celebration of his victory. He addressed the country at midnight and said that if we say it clearly, we have won the election. Apart from this, he accused of rigging the counting of votes and asked why votes are being counted in Pennsylvania at midnight. Trump said that he would go to the Supreme Court about this.

Donald Trump thanked the American citizens and said that we are preparing for a big celebration, we are winning everything. He said that the result of the election will be amazing. You will get the victory as expected.

Biden accused of rigging in counting of votes

Addressing the US, Donald Trump expressed confidence of his victory in the elections. He said that we have won the election clearly. During this time, Trump accused Joe Biden of rigging his vote count. Trump said that we will now go to the Supreme Court for overnight counting. He questioned why votes are being counted overnight in Pennsylvania?

Claiming his victory, Trump said that we have won Texas, Georgia, North Carolina. We will win as expected. They said we are winning Michigan. Extraordinary results are coming. Trump said that we are also winning Pennsylvania.

Targeting the Democrat candidate Joe Biden, Trump said he was losing, therefore preparing to go to court. Let us know that at present, counting of votes has been stopped in Pennsylvania after allegations of Trump.

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