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US Election: After stamping the victory, Biden said – democracy persisted, truth won

America’s newly elected President Joe Biden told the American people that “democracy remained intact” in the country after the electoral college confirmed his victory. He said that attempts were made to defy the principles that guided the country, but it was not weakened.

It’s time to serve the american people

In Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said in his address that now is the time to serve the American people, forgetting the allegations during the election campaign, and the outgoing President Donald Trump not accepting his defeat. He said, “Those who did not know earlier, now they are also aware of it. It is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the American people that “democracy has remained intact.” Biden said, “Truth has won. Your votes are counted and only the leader you choose will lead the country.

President will take over on 20 January

Please tell that Biden is going to take the presidency on 20 January. He said Trump’s actions violated America’s core democratic values, even affecting the peaceful transfer of power. He said that the principles that guided America will always remain intact. Biden said, “In America, the people rule and the public gives the right to a leader to take the reins of power.” Now we know that those who abuse power cannot extinguish the light of democracy.

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