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US Election 2020: Vice-Presidential candidate Kamla Harris said- If Trump says, Corona vaccine will not

There was a heated debate on Wednesday between US Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris over the Corona virus epidemic. The only debate between Pence and Harris for the Vice Presidential election took place on Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let us know that there will be a presidential election on November 3 in the United States, in which there is going to be a tough fight between Democrat candidate Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump.

There was a fierce debate between Republican candidate and current Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Party candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris on the issue of Kovid-19 epidemic, apartheid-apartheid and economy.

Harris will not take Corona virus vaccine at Trump’s request

During the discussion, Kamla Harris on the Corona virus surrounded the government and said that the administration has failed to deal with the epidemic. Kamala Harris said, ‘American citizens are witness to the fact that no government of the country has ever failed so badly in American history. He even said that if the public health professional, Dr. Fauchi, tells us that we should take the vaccine, then I will go first, but if I say Trump, I will not take it. In response, Mike Pence accused Harris of undermining people’s trust in Corona’s vaccine. He said that politics should not be done with people’s lives.

Donald Trump, who has been infected with the corona virus, claimed last month that the corona virus vaccine would soon be ready. The Democratic Party is constantly raising questions about this. The talk of making the vaccine before November is being dubbed by the Democratic Party as an election tactic. Even before this, Kamla Harris has said that she will not trust anything about Trump. You will only trust the health experts and scientists, because they will be able to give more accurate information about the vaccine. The highest number of corona virus cases have come in the world and more than two lakh people have died due to the epidemic here.

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