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US Election 2020: These TV channels interrupt Donald Trump’s address, said this

New York: Media organizations ‘ABC’, ‘CBS’ and ‘NBC’ seemed to distance themselves from US President Donald Trump’s address in which he was accusing them of stealing the presidential election.

Brian Williams of MSNBC also interrupted the President’s speech. At the same time, ‘Fox News Channel’ and ‘CNN’ broadcast his full address.

After the address, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said that Trump is behaving like a lazy turtle, who knows that his time is over and he is resting now.

Many media organizations had severely criticized Trump’s speech at midnight on polling day, but his address was fully broadcast. Trump did not appear as angry on Thursday but kept talking about elections, ‘pressing’ postal ballots, and fraud, but did not clearly state any facts.

Lester Holt of NBC said, “We had to stop it, because the President made many false statements, including fraud in elections.” There is no evidence of him.

CBC’s Norah O’Donnell interrupted the address, asking reporter Nancy Cordes to investigate Trump’s claim that he would easily win the election if “valid votes” were counted. To this, Cordes said that there was no indication of a large number of illegal votes and that Trump’s reference to the late arrival of votes was “another lie”.

‘MSNBC’ also interrupted the address and anchor Brian Williams said, “We are once again in an unusual situation, where we are not only stopping the address of the President of the US but correcting the facts of the President of the US are also doing.”

He said, “We know there’s no illegal vote, and we know Trump isn’t going to win.” After ending ABC’s coverage, his reporter at the White House, Jonathan Karl, said that the illegal vote No evidence exists in this regard.

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