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US Election 2020: Biden reaches extremely close to magical figures by winning Wisconsin and Michigan; Trump’s path now difficult

Washington: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has reached close to the 270 electoral ballot needed to reach the White House in the US election, and has made it difficult for President Donald Trump to win in Wisconsin and Michigan.

At the same time, his rival Trump of the Republican Party is considering legally challenging Biden’s victory in some states.

Two days after the election, no candidate has been able to get the required votes to win. But Biden has reached the 264 mark after winning the decisive states Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump has got 214 electoral college votes. The path to the current president, however, is tough as Trump will have to win four remaining ‘Battleground’ states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada to reach the magical figure of 270. Let us tell ‘Battleground’ states where the trend is not clear.

At least 270 electoral college votes are needed to be a winner out of 538 electoral college members for a clear victory.

Millions of votes are yet to be counted and Biden has already received more than 7.1 million votes, the highest in American history.

In the press conference on Wednesday, the former Vice President said that he hoped to win the election. He said, “I will rule as an American president.” He said, “When we win, there will be no red state or blue state, only the United States.”

The Trump campaign team has filed lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and has demanded a re-count of votes in Wisconsin. Trump spent more time at his residence on Wednesday. He claimed victory in several important states on Twitter.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stephan said the president would formally request a re-counting of votes in Wisconsin, citing “irregularities” in several counties. He said that lawsuits have been filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of votes are to be counted in Pennsylvania.

In other close matches between the two, Trump won in Florida, Texas and Ohio, while Biden won in New Hampshire and Minnesota.

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