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US Capitol: Vice President Mike Pence described the rebellion as reprehensible, saying – ‘violence never wins’

Washington: Condemning the violence of supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump in the Capitol Building, Vice President Mike Pence said that violence never wins, freedom always wins.

After the violence, Pence made this statement once again to gather for the constitutional process of stamping the name of Joe Biden as the new president of Congress. Thousands of supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump entered the Capitol Building and clashed with the police. In which four people died and many people were also injured.

At the time of the incident, the constitutional process of stamping on Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 election was going on. After the Congress joint session resumed once again, Pence said, “We strongly condemn the violence here.” We express our condolences to the dead and the injured while protecting our capital. We will always be grateful to all the men and women who have stood to protect this historic place.

He said, “Today commuters in the capital, you don’t win. Violence never wins. Victory is freedom And it’s still the House of the People. “Pence said,” When the House resumes, the world will see the strength of our democracy again, even in the midst of this unexpected violence and attack in the Capitol, elected representatives of the American people To protect and support the Constitution of America, have gathered here again on the same day.

Earlier, Trump also reprimanded Pence on Wednesday. Pence, in defiance of President Donald Trump, said he did not have unilateral powers to reject the electoral college’s vote. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the US Senate cannot be threatened by this attack.

Senator Chuck Grassley said that violence cannot be used to prevent MPs from performing their constitutional duties. According to Senator Tom Carper, the violent mob was “instigated by the outgoing President of America to attack the democracy of the country.”

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