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US Capitol Live Updates: Trump supporters in the US, the process of removing the trump may start today

US Capitol Live Updates: America, called the world’s superpower, is currently undergoing a major crisis. US President Donald Trump is not ready to give up, after which Trump’s supporters took the US Parliament hostage. During this, there was a clash between the Trump supporters and the security personnel. Security personnel had to fire a gun to stop supporters and save MPs. In the entire incident, one of the protestors died from being shot.

This incident has caused a stir in America as well as the whole world. There are also flags in the hands of the Trump supporters, on which it is written – “Trump is my President”. Police in the US capital Washington DC have alleged that the protesters have attacked the police with chemical. Police have described the attitude of pro-Trump protesters as anti-law and anti-national. Stay tuned to ABP News for a moment-to-moment update in the US.

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