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US action on ‘Russian oligarch’, Biden in ‘State of the Union’

Russia Ukraine War: Today is the seventh day of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine Conflict). For the last 6 days, both the countries are face to face with each other, but are not ready to bow down. During the war of one week, the meeting of both the countries also took place but the situation does not seem to be under control. The passing of sanctions is the most prominent way for the international community to respond to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

In this sequence, US President Joe Biden in his first ‘State of the Union’ address criticized Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and imposed many tough economic sanctions. These oligarchs are also a target of the restrictions imposed by Western countries after the attack on Ukraine. Oligarch is often taken to mean a very wealthy person. Such a person has created immense wealth by doing business with the help of the government.

Boats, luxury apartments and private jets seized

Biden said the US would set up a special task force to seize “yachts, luxury apartments and private jets” from Russian billionaires. Oligarch is being discussed again after the crisis between Russia, Ukraine and Western countries escalates. Joe Biden, describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a dictator, said that throughout our history, we have learned the lesson that when dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they start spreading more chaos. . During this, Bidney made many big announcements regarding Russia and Ukraine.

Biden is going to give billion dollar aid

Biden announced that America is going to give one billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. Biden said, “We are committed to the security of NATO countries. We are doing everything possible to help Ukraine.” However, Biden made it clear that our military would not be involved in the Ukraine-Russian war.

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