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Upanishad texts are inscribed on the wall of the library of Warsaw University in Poland

warsawThe cultural heritage of India is more than five thousand years old. Inspired by the diversity of Indian culture, it has been described well by many writers around the world including India. One such picture has been seen in Poland, a country in Europe. Upanishad texts are inscribed on the wall of the library of Warsaw University, Poland. This picture has been shared from the official Twitter handle of the Indian Embassy in Poland.

Sharing the picture, it is written on Twitter, “What a pleasant sight! This is a wall of the Warsaw University library with Upanishads engraved on it. The Upanishads are the late Vedic Sanskrit texts of Hindu philosophy that form the foundation of Hinduism.”

Many Indians have shared and commented on this tweet of the Indian Embassy in Poland. A man named Sreejit Sasidharan said, ‘In Warsaw, on the banks of the Vistula river – a piece of my heart. It is near my previous house. Another user said, ‘Good to see this. However, I hope they understand and maintain the sanctity of the text.’

However, a Twitter user shared the tweet and asked, ‘Why are there no such walls in India?’ Another user also asked the same question. She wrote. “Excellent… Would any university in India dare to do this?”

Sharing the post, a person named Gaurav Agarwal said, “There is a need to have something like this in our universities too. Hinduism has shown the right path to the world and its Vedic culture is the creator of modern science.”

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