Unmasking website impersonating a press agency

Forging, giving misleading and misleading information of many websites recently is an act of impersonation, worthy of condemnation and handling in accordance with the law.

Through reviewing and receiving information, the Vietnam Counterfeit Information Center (VAFC) recently warned about some cases of impersonating a press agency.

Accordingly, the Vietnam Fake News Processing Center determined that the website at the address: https://vnexpress****.net has a domain name that causes confusion with press agencies, fake VnExpress Newspaper.

Not only that, this website also conducts activities of providing general information on the internet without a license from the competent authority.

The Vietnam Counterfeit Information Center recommends that the online community do not receive and share information from this website. VAFC will transfer the case to the relevant authorities for consideration and handling in accordance with the law.

Debunking websites impersonating a press agency.

Previously, in January 2021, the Vietnam Fake News Center (VAFC) also warned about a case of a website impersonating the column page of the aforementioned newspaper.

Specifically, the page “Business magazine to get rich” with the address vn-***** has claimed to be the culture and entertainment column of the VnExpress electronic newspaper (Ministry of Science and Technology).

In the content section, this online magazine summarizes a lot of news articles from the VnExpress electronic newspaper. The articles are mainly written about information related to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beauty content.

In mid-August 2021, VAFC also identified another case where the website https://tuoi* had a domain name confusingly with a press agency, impersonating Tuoi Tre Online. This news site even posted false information about the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the Vietnam Fake News Processing Center, the verification process shows that websites that fake news agencies share a common domain name structure, making it easy for viewers to misunderstand them as real news sites.

These are actually websites that act as a general website to get information from the press without being licensed and not having consent to quote sources from the press agency.

Trong Dat

Hackers send threatening messages, blackmail Vietnamese startups 5 million USD

Hackers send threatening messages, blackmail Vietnamese startups 5 million USD

Instead of compromising with the hacker to let the case “sink”, this startup refused the request and made the attack public to all users before the hacker even offered to sell the data.


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