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United Nations organizations set up ‘One Health’ panel to advise animals on the dangers of disease

To prevent the spread of diseases from animals to humans, the World Health Organization and three other international organizations have formed expert groups. On Thursday, the world’s largest health institution has said that the purpose of the exercise is to help increase the global intent. Launched by France and Germany last year & lsquo; One Health & rsquo; The high-powered expert panel was an initiative, and its inaugural session was held this week.

Other agencies including WHO formed Expert Group & nbsp;

These groups will advise the World Health Organization, the World Animal Health Organization and the Joint & zwj; r & zwj; t Environment Program on establishing ‘good measures for the preparation and prevention of zoonotic outbreaks’ and developing a ‘hazard assessment and surveillance framework’. In the press release, the WHO said, the panel will also consider the aspect of potential transmission hazards in food production and distribution, urbanization, construction of infrastructure, international travel, trade and activity leading to loss of biodiversity and climate change.

Global plan to prevent diseases from animals to humans

The panel will publish its first recommendations after this year. The global Kovid-19 epidemic is widely believed to have originated from the wildlife trade in China and Southeast Asia. The closest genetic match to the corona virus, known as novel corona virus, has been found in bats. Joint research by China and the World Health Organization to find out the source of Kovid-19 has ruled out the possibility that the novel corona virus was made in the lab.

In its final report written jointly with Chinese scientists, the World Health Organization team has said that transmission of the virus may have been transmitted from bats to humans through other animals and as a reason there is ‘very unlikely’ It spread from the lab. Significantly, China became the epicenter of the Kovid-19 outbreak in late 2019.

It has already banned most varieties of wildlife trade and consumption and is also installing ecological ‘security barrier’ to keep humans away from animal habitat. The World Health Organization says that three-fourth of all emerging infectious diseases occur in animals. & Nbsp;

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