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United Nations award to three small food enterprises of India, know how this achievement was achieved

Three Indian enterprises are among the winners of ‘Best Small Business Providing Healthy and Eco-Friendly Foods’ declared by the United Nations. They have been declared the best small business in the ‘Good Food for All’ competition organized by the United Nations Food System Summit.

The winning Indian companies are Edible Roots Pvt Ltd, Orza Development Solutions India and Taru Naturals. The United Nations said in a statement on Tuesday that nearly 2,000 businesses from 135 countries participated in the competition and 50 winners will be awarded a cash prize of US$100,000. Founded by Kapil Mandavewala, Edible Roots provides consumers with natural and locally grown fresh farm produce. Apart from this, edible roots also inspire people to grow their own food. It also works to make people aware.

Know what is the work of agricultural service company Orja

Orja is an agricultural services company that works for eco-friendly agriculture and renewable energy. The company provides clean energy resources to the farmers at affordable prices. Founded by Ruchi Jain, Taru Naturals & Organics is a movement of 10,000 tribal and small farmers in India to bring healthy, pure and organic products directly from farmers to consumers.

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